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Just Can Entertainment

Bringing Christian Concerts to the Triangle and Delivering a Higher Concert Experience


Craig Cantey is a firefighter with him a long history in the music industry and volunteers on the video and drama ministry teams of Hope Community Church in Raleigh, NC.

We love Christian music and want to bring it to our area at affordable prices.

  • We bring national artists and bands to the Raleigh area
  • Promote local God-honoring nonprofits in the area
  • And take the workload off the church hosting the concert.


“I have met very few people who are as passionate as Craig is about the impact Christian music can have.  Combining that passion and dedication with his proven skills in organizing, promoting, and executing concerts and events makes Just Can Entertainment a premier source for the best in today’s Christian concerts.  Craig knows first hand how God uses artists, their music, and corporate worship to minister to our daily lives.  Exciting concerts are coming your way!”

Russ Williams

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